12 weeks Transformation Program

12 week Transformation Program

It is an amazing personalized system that will help you transform the current state of health and fitness in twelve weeks works from the inside out by connecting the mind and body. The system consists of three stages:

  1. Posture Alignment intuitive, learn to reprogram your mind to improve your posture look and feel amazing in 5 minutes, this will give your body control and agility to your routine life more efficient and dynamic avoiding unnecessary stress and possible injury.
  2. BMI- Nutrition and learn to eat the right amounts and types of nutrients for energy and results you want depending on your bio-type and body mass index evaluation.
  3. Muscular-Exercise Routine will learn how to use your body intelligently making your body weight exercises a powerful machine to help you tone and shape your body.
  4. Free Guide of naturals supplements to help you in the best performance and adequate immune protection for your lifestyle.

All this is to ensure rapid and lasting results, the benefits to be obtained are: improve your body image, more energy, improved mood, rapid weight loss, increased muscle tone, burning fat, to improve your sport and / or competition and not waste time and money by following dangerous diets, taking magic pills or drugs.

During the 12 weeks you will see and experience substantial changes and gradually feel your mind and body connecting to work in a dynamic way.

Once we have defined your bio-type, current physical state, goals and nutritional status will begin with the adequacy of your digestive system to eliminate toxins and to regulate the optimal absorption of nutrients, this is an essential point for the changes to take place accurately.

In the first week will be no physical activity, only jump start the digestive system to create a new cycle in your metabolism.

This program is for you if you answer YES to any of these questions:

  • Are you tired and frustrated to live on a diet and hungry?

  • Are you tired of eating the same food and counting calories?

  • Are you’re frustrated with your weight and physical appearance?

  • Are you stressed out 24hrs a day?

  • Are you fighting with the “cravings” daily?

  • Are you ready to make a radical change in your life right now?

This plan is not a diet, “diet = sentence” is an integral process in which you will guide to get you started reprogramming and can make your body starts changing subtly and gradually the same way that when we were born and We begin to develop, together we will discover and establish where you are your body health level and draw clear and realistic goals in different areas of your life so quickly you’ll see changes from the inside out.

In the sessions:

We will review new habits of posture and changes to improve it with the three basic principles of good posture.

We will review food menu, schedules and results in digestion and energy during the day and suggestions.

We review the physical activity and results.

We will do a weekly balance and adjustments for improving the process and enjoy it as you build a “new lifestyle.


OK, wait a minute and think

Envision how lean, tone, strong, and healthy you’re going to get look & feel, now that you’ll no longer have to struggle with:

  • Impossible crash diets that can never be follow
  • Long boring workouts that you’re unsure are giving you all you want
  • Stinky, smelly, and meat market gyms
  • Boring stationary cardio machines that just drag on and on without results
  • Paying for gym dues that you never even use because you’re unsure where to start
  • Needing to be really pushed and super motivated

These programs are for EVERYONE! No matter if you exercised yesterday or 10 years ago. All my workouts are scaled to your individual fitness level and abilities. Even if you have an injury I can modify exercises so you CAN benefit from the program.

Is Weight loss the same as fat loss?

weight loss sign
People often ask what’s the best way to lose weight and if it can be done quickly?

My answer is always YES you CAN lose weight fast, BUT, you will be soft and Jiggly (wrong healthy body composition).

To help you understand our terms correctly: Generally, most people don’t want or need weight loss, but instead they want fat loss, this makes sure that your muscles will start showing and you will get “tone, lean, and firm”. To make this happen you must enhance your metabolic rate while watching your calories IN versus calories OUT, which is the Golden Rule in nutrition.

weight ideal 3

Here’s The IF’s:
1. IF you consume more calories than you burn,

you WILL GAIN weight.

2. IF you consume less calories than you burn,

you WILL LOSE weight.

In that equation, the quality of the food determines whether the weight gained or lost is going to be fat or muscle. So the simplest approach to lose weight would be to drastically cut calories from your diet….



Cutting calories will most always backfire and never be enjoyable enough to stick to. What really happen are the more calories you cut, the more your body fights to hold onto its fat stores.

Reducing calories signals the “starvation response” where the body tries to “survive” and hold onto its calorie (energy) reservoir known as fat. That is why the most efficient approach to fat loss is to:

Intake Good Calories…

Decrease your calories a little…

Increase your muscle activity by 50%

If you do this, you will see rapid results that come without any crash diets, muscle loss, and unhealthy nutrition programs. It will be my job to optimize your eating habits so that your body gets into a healthy mode as I guide you carefully through the process.

With my coaching system you will feel fresher and be more energized by fueling yourself with what’s best for your body. I will teach you how to go grocery shopping the healthy way and what foods to choose for better concentration, higher energy levels, higher immunity, stronger skin, hair, teeth, bones and muscles (just to name a few). This is the part where most fail, but with my hands-on approach you will find that nothing tastes better than being healthy feels.


this out

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12 Week Transformation Program



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